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creativitydesigngroup asked 47 years ago

I updated to WooCommerce 3.0 and it broke the theme to where images do not show up and white borders appear. Thankfully, I was able to restore from a backup. Will there be an update to the theme that supports WC 3.0?
Also, I keep getting a nagging update for Visual Composer but I cannot update it because I do not have a license key. Will I be able to update to the latest version without having to buy the license for it?

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support Staff answered 3 years ago

We hvae submitted the latest theme to theme forest with woocommerce updated.You can download and install the latest theme.You dont need to update or activate the visual composer whenever we submit an update we also update this plugin.

creativitydesigngroup replied 3 years ago

Do all I need to is download it again from Themeforest? Also, since I am using a child theme can I simply just overwrite the old version with the new one and it won’t harm anything?

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