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Hobbs asked 47 years ago

Firstly, loving the theme Flancer, it was just what I needed.
It all works perfectly, however when testing it on Safari, it seems to just get stuck in a loading loop.. yet on the ‘about’ page, it loads fine.. Maybe something to do with the grid on the homepage? Or possibly due to me removing some code which was needed?
Any help would be greatly appreciated! You can see the site here;
Also let me know if you need my purchase order reference or anything.
Thanks loads!

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Hobbs replied 4 years ago

Adding onto this, I checked with the file unedited, same issue on Safari.. the odd thing is, its index-4 which is giving me this issue.. the default index.html is fine..

Any suggestions how I can get index-4’s template to work on Safari?


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support Staff answered 4 years ago

We have checked this issue on our side. site is working well also on safari .
you can also see our live site on safari.

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