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marcwmolloy asked 48 years ago

I sincerely want a refund!
I have used many WP themes….they are not often straightforward and I am ok with that. But after 2 hours of scraping my way through the menu choices….:
1: The GIANT word BLOG is still in the top grey second bar! I want a static image and layered CTA there.

  1. The colors are all still organe despite changing the theme color to blue.
  2. Mega menu is MISSING completely from the download.
  3. Documentation is basically absent.
  4. I am scared to think about what ELSE is going to be amajor problem while my site is DOWN.

Please provide some basic setup documentation (like most other themes do) … I cant make heads or tails of this theme and deeply regret purchasing it.

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support Staff answered 3 years ago

I appologize for late responding!!!
This is a giant theme and you must need to play with its options to check out how the things works.If you’re having any problem or dificulty with any option you can ask us for help.Refund is not a solution.
Now tell me With which option you are still having dificulty and i will help you.

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