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fbeger asked 46 years ago
  1. Crumina Jollyness theme extension plugin (1.1.5) crashes our site (WP 4.5). After activating all the recommend plugin for Jollyness theme, we see the never ending blue ball circle…

What is wrong? Do we have to change something?

  1. the installation of demo content allways stops at 90% ! Even waiting more than 1 hour never completed installation of demo content. What is worng here? Does both errors may cause on same issue?
  2. Installation could be done after using onther time the insalation button–hm?
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0212895355714 answered 3 years ago

Hi Fbeger,
We added compatibility with WordPress 4.5. Please, update the theme from Updates section in the admin dashboard. It will solve the loading problem. With regard to demo import, please, make sure you don’t have WordPress Importer plugin installed and activated on your installation, as it may conflict with theme importer. If not, the other reason may be small limit set in max_execution_time parameter on your hosting. In this case you might want to contact your hosting provide to increase this value. Alternately, you can restart import so many times until you see 100% in the progress bar.
If my tips didn’t help ,please, submit a private ticket and provide us link to your site with your wp-login credentials and temporary FTP access details, so we could check the problem.
Best regards,

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