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scoobster999 asked 46 years ago

I have changed the footer background colour and font colour in theme options away from the standard black, however I am having an issue in that every page using the default template is still using the black background. Am i doing something wrong – I have nearly 45 pages of content so changing each manually is taking a long time.
Can you please let me know if I can alter this?

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jolly Staff answered 5 years ago

May i have your website link please

scoobster999 replied 5 years ago

you will see I am manually changing each page but if you look at “landlord zone” for example if is black even though the theme option is #a3deff

Also, if i want to change font colour for headings in the footers, contact us, latest posts etc. is that an easy change? Sorry, a newb at this!!

jolly Staff replied 5 years ago

Seems like our ip is blocked i am not able to access your website

scoobster999 replied 5 years ago

there isn’t any blocking in place??

scoobster999 replied 5 years ago

I have spoken to my webhosts, there is no blocking of any IP’s in place?? Please can you assist?

Simply add to

Appearance -> Theme options -> Advanced options -> Custom css code field

#footer .twitter-widget ul li:before, #footer i, #footer .title h3 { color: #4A4343; } /*Titles color will be changed*/
#footer {background: #131313} /*Footer background color*/

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