SupportCategory: Jollyness - HTML5Can't get style of Medical Template to work correctly
cparry42 asked 48 years ago

Hello – I\’ve purchased and downloaded your theme, which is really great.I\’m having a little trouble getting up and running with your \’medical\’ template. I noticed that a number of the include links in the code reference the \’default\’ directory. If I have the full default/ directory copied in parallel to the medical/ directory, then the page templates work. However, I\’d like to not have to have default/ present in addition to my site code.I\’ve copied everything I can find from default/ to medical/ and changed the hard coded paths in the template (using about.html as my test) but still the page I\’m getting it missing a lot of visual element styling.Can you please help me to achieve stand-alone status for the medical template?Thanks,Charlie

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jolly Staff answered 3 years ago

Hello sure we will help you can i have your purchase code please

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