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creativitydesigngroup asked 47 years ago

Just downloaded the latest version of JollyAny from ThemeForest and I installed it. I also updated WooCommerce 3.0 before updating to the latest version of JollyAny and it broke the theme. There were white borders on the sides and images were not loading on any of the pages.
I want to update to the latest version of the theme but it the WooCommerce update still broke it.
I downloaded the installable file from ThemeForest, unzipped it and uploaded it and replaced the old theme files.
Please help me fix this issue.

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support answered 2 years ago

Please make sure the theme you are uploading to your website is updated version because the latest version of this theme is fully compatible with woocommerce 3.0.

creativitydesigngroup answered 2 years ago

I just downloaded the latest version of the theme straight from Themeforest; I know it’s the latest because the download package contained the latest version of Visual Composer as well. I deleted the old version, installed the new versions of both the theme and Visual Composer and then attempted to update WooCommerce to 3.0.
There are huge white borders on full width pages and the lazy load does not work, keeping elements from loading up. I want to attach a screenshot, can you provide me with an email please?

support answered 1 year ago

I am sorry for late respond!!
You can check on themeforest changelog the latest version is compatible with woocommerce.You can send the screenshot by uploading them on dropbox.

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